A Few Words About Laundry Solutions

In 2007 Lisa and Bill Moore purchased a laundromat in Mercerville, NJ with a partner… As additional revenue we would close the laundromat at night and a crew of 3-4 people would wash commercial accounts that were picked up during the day. Including Hotels, Restaurants etc… As the commercial work grew and grew we realized that was the business we wanted to be in… After a few years, Lisa and Bill bought out the partner, built out a commercial laundry off of Lalor Street in Trenton and closed the original laundromat. As Lisa has a full-time job outside the laundry, Bill handles the sales and accounting for the business while our crack team of laundry personnel Wash, Dry fold and press thousands of pounds of laundry and linen each week. We have strived to provide a level of quality and service that the larger linen companies cannot provide. We like to refer to ourselves as a “boutique” laundry… We are large enough to handle large hotels and restaurants but still small enough to cater to the individual needs of each of our customers.

Why Chose Us

Personalized Experience

As a family owned small business we can personalize your service to fit your needs. Handling of special types of linen, Special folding, Special linen wash formula’s, special delivery instructions. We do not mix our customers linens. Each customer’s items are kept separate throughout the entire was cycle.

Affordable Pricing

Competitive pricing on rental and customer owned goods. Straight forward, easy to understand invoicing.


Laundry is a big part of your business and life… Laundry Solutions handles your laundry seamlessly allowing you to focus your energy on other parts of your business and life.


Laundry solutions uses best in class products and takes the time to make sure the finish, folding and packaging of our products are second-to-none.

Express Delivery

Delivery on time when you need it. Special deliveries when you are in a jam.


All credit cards are accepted, monthly billing available for recurring customers.
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