Aprons & Towel Rentals

Barmops, Micro Fiber towels, and Bib aprons available

Table Linen Rentals

Laundry Solutions provides a wide array of linens for the food and beverage industry

Walk Off & Kitchen Mat Rentals

85% of soil brought into any building can be contained in the first 10-12 feet.

Hotel/Motel Linen Rentals

Full line of bed and Bath linens available

Customer Owned Goods

Own your own linens? No Problem!  Laundry Solutions can Professionally wash and press your linens.

Residential Laundry

Overwhelmed with your home laundry?  Let us pick it up dirty and return it a few days later washed, dried and neatly folded in clear plastic bags


Food & Beverage

Our customers include Restaurants, Pizza Shops, Deli’s, Bagel Shops, Cafeterias, Nursing home kitchens, and golf courses.



We cater to a diverse range of customers in various industries. Our clientele typically comprises of hotels, bed & breakfasts, salons, barbershops, day spas, gyms, schools/college athletic teams, summer camps, group homes, and more.


Personal Clothing / Home Delivery

Overwhelmed with your home Laundry? Let us pickup dirty and return a few days later washed, dried and neatly folded in clear plastic bags.

We Are Passionate About Laundry

As a family-owned small business, we can personalize your service to fit your needs. Handling of special types of linen, Special folding, Special linen wash formula’s, special delivery instructions. We do not mix our customers linens. Each customer’s items are kept separate throughout the entire was cycle.
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